Tartana Copper and Zinc Project - North Queensland, Australia

Our flagship project is located approximately 150 km west of Cairns and 40 km northwest of Chillagoe along the Burke Development Road (see Figure 1). The project area lies within the prospective northwest trending Chillagoe Formation belt within the Palmerville Fault zone. The Palmerville fault is interpreted as a low angle thrust dipping shallowly northeast under the Chillagoe Formation sediments... Learn More

Zeehan Zinc Slag Project, Western Tasmania - Western Tasmania, Australia

Tartana Resources’ fully owned subsidiary, Intec Zeehan Residues Pty Ltd owns Mining Lease ML 3M/2017 located approximately 2.5 km south of the township of Zeehan in western Tasmania. This lease contains an old smelter site along with residue stockpiles of zinc-rich slag (See Figure 12). Figure 12. Location of the Zeehan Zinc Slag Project on Mining Lease 3M/2017. The Zeehan smelter operated int... Learn More

Bellevue Copper-Gold and Dry River Project -

  The Bellevue and Dry River copper-gold projects form part of a substantial tenement holding lying north of our Tartana mining leases. The geology is complex and the tenements cover a prospective chert-basalt contact within the OK Member stratigraphy within the Hodgkinson Formation. This contact hosts numerous copper occurrences which have been partially exploited by small time miners. Chert... Learn More

Dimbulah Copper Porphyry Project -

Located directly west of Dimbulah, the Dimbulah Copper Gold Project (EPM 27089 – total area 8,204 hectares) covers the Dimbulah porphyry copper project which has been noted by the USGS as having reported a resource potential estimated at 20 Mt @ 0.3% Cu for 50,000 tonnes of contained copper based on limited data. The prospect is interesting from both the presence of copper mineralisation, th... Learn More

Nightflower Silver Project -

Tartana has signed an option agreement over the Nightflower project. This project is covered by an EPM 27595 application on track for granting. The terms of the option are: Exclusivity Fee (until the grant of the EPM): $5,000 payable by Tartana shares valued at 12.5 cents per share; Option Fee: $20,000 payable by Tartana shares valued at 12.5 cents per share Two-year option period from the time o... Learn More

Mt Hess Copper-Gold Project - Queensland, Australia

The Mt Hess Project (EPM 18864 & 19252) is located approximately 100 km southwest of Mackay. The project area covers part of the Gotthardt granodioritic intrusion which intrudes into the overlying Permian sediments of the Bowen Basin. Skarn and porpyhry copper mineralisation are associated with this intrusion and within the Mt Hess project area there are numerous copper-gold prospects in an ar... Learn More

Amber Creek Molybdenum-Tin-Tungsten Project - Queensland, Australia

The Amber Creek project (EPM 18865) is located 177 km southwest of Cairns and comprises an area covering a number of separate molybdenum, tin and tungsten prospects. These prospects are within the undifferentiated metamorphics which are probably related to the McDevitt Metamorphics and which have been intruded by the Elizabeth Creek Granite. Oldfield has conducted geological mapping along with soi... Learn More