About Us

Company Overview

Tartana was incorporated on 6 August 2007 as Riverside Energy Ltd (“Riverside”) and changed its name to Tartana Resources Limited on 21 March 2017 following a successful demerger from its main coal assets and moving to re-focus on copper and zinc opportunities.

Tartana Resources Limited has a mission to become a signficant copper and zinc company through development of its existing projects, acquisitions of new projects and exploration success. Our existing projects have taken almost two years to assemble and provide an exciting base for our future growth.

These assets are:

  •  Tartana Copper and Zinc Project in Northern Queensland
  •  Zeehan Zinc Slag Project in Western Tasmania
  • Mt Hess Copper- Gold Project – Queensland
  • Amber Creek – Molybdenum-Tin-Tungsten Project – Queensland

In addition, we believe that our management team has the skills to execute this growth plan through the experience accumulated over many years in the mining and finance industries. The team has extensive experience in geology, mining and metallurgical processing and product marketing.

While Tartana Resources will aggressively carry out its various planned activities across the portfolio of projects, it is also encouraging that both our Tartana Copper Oxide Project and Zeehan Zinc Slag Project offer the potential to generate early cash flow, subject to further nvestigations and third party negotiations. Nevertheless, the revenue base for this cash flow is from selling copper and zinc products, two commodities which are forecast to experience ongoing robust prices given their respective supply/demand balances including the potential new demand from electric vehicles.